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Vibrant Contemporary Wall Lamps for a Room Decoration

Author: Tiago Reis 

Today, we would like to share a collection of vibrant contemporary wall lamps for a room decoration. Wall lamps are one of the home pieces which every interior designer would love to chose quite delicately. This is due to the fact that lighting is a very important part of design home interiors not only for its functionality, but also for the new opportunity to improve the unique style and the luxury interior look. Combining the contemporary design with an eye catching form should be matched against the other lamps in your room such as the floor and the ceiling lamps. The following collection offers artisan and handmade lighting pieces that range from metallic to brass finishes. Let’s have a look.

1.Brubeck Wall Light. With musical inspiration, Brubeck is an instant classic sculptural design which incorporates an extravagant shape full of old and modernity.

1 main 1

2. Atomic Wall Light. Having a unique molecular design, Atomic wall lamp is a spot-on interpretation of the atomic age design with a set of round shades, aligned by an asymmetric composition.

2 main 2

3. Charles Wall Light. A nickel plating wall lighting, Charles has a warm look which charm your eyes with its visual effects.

3 main 3

4. Chuck Wall Light. Mixing the art of production and design, Chuck is the lighting effect by its gold plated grid made out of steel and brass.

4 main 4

5. Coltrane Wall Light. By having three iron tubes, Coltrane makes a magical and a smooth lighting effect for architectural environments which is created like a monumental design.

5 main 5



6. Diana Wall Light. Embeding a fresh charismatic red colour, Diana is an ideal wall lamp to amaze your guests in the dinning room which carries a vintage brass handmade.

6 main 6

7. Dizzy Wall Light. A handmade wall light from brass and the lampshade in aluminum, Dizzy will offer a classic look to your room with the special features of its shades.

7 main 7

8. Ella Wall Light. With the flexibility to be installed upwards or downwards, Ella bestows a retro look to your home interior design with its wide hands from brass and the aluminum lampshades.

8 main 8

9. Galliano Wall Light. With the inspiration of jazz music, Galliano is a balance between contemporary and vintage piece of art which produces a unique sexy lighting effect.

9 main 9

10. Hendrix Wall Light. Based on the idea of old vinyl players, Hendrix came to existence to offer a mid-century modern light fixture capturing the retro feeling of the acoustics surroundings which has a symmetric light source.

10 main 10



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