The Biggest Hotel in The World

The Biggest Hotel in The World

Middle East is world well-known because of its amazing world record breaker and luxury hotel buildings and breathtaking architectures.


Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the tallest building in the world, Al nakheel island the biggest Artificial Island in the world in Dubai and now, Abraj Kudai is the Biggest tower in the World located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Manafia area in Makkah’s central zone, only 2.2 km south of the Holy Haram in Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Due to its unparalleled size, height as well as distinguished location, exposure and architectural style, the building appears as a striking landmark with a profoundly modern multifunctional identity relating to both the Islamic Architecture and Modern Luxury Design.

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The Biggest Hotel in the World
With a total site area of approximately 60,000 m² and total built-up area of around 1.4 million m², the project is a residential and commercial complex that consists of a large podium topped by 12 towers accommodating several elements such as a podium housing a bus station, a shopping mall, restaurants and food courts, a convention center and car parks by considering the Islamic and Arabian Architecture and Design.

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The five star Luxury towers offer all related services for the visitors of the Holy Kaaba. Lower levels close to the Holy Haram area are used as commercial venues, thus ensuring immediate and easy access for the Haram visitors.

The Biggest Hotel In The World

The towers range from 29 to 44 storeys; they include typical floors and 5 Royal/VIP floors, and comprise approximately 1,200 luxurious residential bays each.

The Biggest Hotel In The World

The towers include prayer halls and managerial offices, and are designed to accommodate the main reception lobby and information desks, lounges, restaurants, cafés, and so on.

If you had a chance to visit this place, let us know!

The Biggest Hotel in The World

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