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Done Interior Is one of Kuwait’s Finest Design Firms

Done Interior Is one of Kuwait’s Finest Design Firms ⇒  Done’s vision is to provide best & innovative designs. The mission is very clear – To become the clients’ first choice. Their unique design philosophy is that Done does not limit itself to one approach of design. Each project has its own style. They build a comfy relationship with the clients so they can dig into their imagination and with innovative touches and ideas shaping the designs to meet those desires.


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Done interior is well known for combining innovative pieces and creative imagination that are simply raising the bar on the industry standards.


Done gives you hope. They offer more than just a beauty; the studio ensures that your environment makes you happy, safe and productive. Fairly, the way Done enhance your spaces can define who you are to the world, either as individuals, businesses, or governments.


Done works with passion, They enjoy what they do. The designers work with empathy. They believe that the firm is a unique and loving place to work in.



The clients are their family. The relationship they establish together goes far beyond project designing and delivering. In the studio’s core values, they believe they work better when there’s a perfect symbiosis with the clients, so both their wishes and Done’s vision can collide into something unique.


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