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Majestic is the Perfect Modern Chandelier for Your Home

Majestic is the Perfect Modern Chandelier for Your Home ⇒ LUXXU is the reference Luxury Design, Quality, and Innovation. They are present in the most recognizable and exclusive trade shows bringing what they do best, exclusive design by setting trends. LUXXU grants you a glimpse of our world, a harmonious classical world with a modern luxury twist present in every detail.


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Monochrome Sideboard by Boca do Lobo


A demonstration of both imagination and strong design skills, the Monochrome console is a remarkable piece that stands out in any room or setting. Perfect for living spaces grounded in a contemporary style as they embrace careful craftsmanship, this console expresses a leading edge outlook though its daring curvy shapes and bold colours.

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The piece enhances a romantic and daring form perfectly able to adapt itself to any ambience or style. The combination of traditional techniques and a selection of high-quality materials results into an uncommon gold plated and crystal glass beauty that astonishes and empowers its surroundings. Made with the finest material, each ribbed crystal glass cylinder creates an atmosphere of irresistible exposure and exclusivity.


This chandelier made of gold plated brass and crystal glass is a piece full of personality. A modern design with a majestic inspiration, the ideal lighting piece that your luxurious home needs.



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