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Best Interior Designers from Russia – Meet Liza Rachevska

Best Interior Designers from Russia – Meet Liza Rachevska ⇒ Liza Rachevskaya Interiors is a Moscow-based interior design studio, founded in 2010 by the amazing Russian decorator, following her successful career in advertising, TV and film production.


The first project of a private apartment Liza completed was guided only by personal taste, unerring intuition and inspired by the artistic heritage of Joan Miro and Wassily Kandinsky. Liza later graduated from the British School of Design in Moscow and a number of professional courses, developing all the skills necessary in the interior design business. Finally, in 2010, her design studio came to life.



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Today, the design studio has a team of young and successful professionals in the fields related to architecture, interior design, construction and furniture design. The studio creates private and public interiors of various sizes, focusing on exclusive residential and commercial interior design projects.



The design studio offers high end, timeless projects with signature bold and at the same time elegant classic contemporary style. They work on large and small scale projects, classic and contemporary, with attention to detail and love for quality craftsmanship, luxurious materials, art and imagination. They design, build, renovate and furnish in response to individual requirements.


“My main goal: to understand the person who entrusted me with his house and to make him feel good in this house. This is an exciting and creative process. ” says the designer.



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