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A Contemporary Penthouse by Benning Design Construction

A Contemporary Penthouse by Benning Design Construction ⇒ With a stunning view of the city of Sacramento, this contemporary penthouse designed by Benning Design Construction has an amazing suspension lamp by top luxury brand BRABBU that makes a statement in the main area of this house. The building company was created by father and son that originated from two of Sacramento’s established and successful interior design and construction firms.


This penthouse was created with a comfortable contemporary aesthetic. “Citified with a bit of glamour” was the mantra – and it was a huge challenge for the designers. The highest priority in this interior design was to allow the sight to remain free and able to speak for itself. In order to still be able to provide interesting design elements, products were intentionally kept either low to the ground or high to the ceiling.


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Upon entering the penthouse, the immediate focal point is a bold bronze sculpture at the window, drawing the eye to the glass and beyond. The entryway features a bronze stainless steel and wood console against a backdrop of precious stone. The walls and ceilings were given a faux finish of metallic woven, grass-cloth texture, bringing an element of glamour and drama.


The house is surrounded by glass and, to avoid issues with glare, every lighting element is dimmable and soft. HORUS suspension light from BRABBU crowns the great room with a hint of European sensibility. The shape of this product has the perfect height as it hugs the ceiling, providing glamourous detail while not blocking the view.


HORUS Suspension Light promises to be a reference in any modern interior design. In this penthouse, it is amazing how the product embraces the room and gives it the contemporary touch that the designers were looking for. Featuring a structure in matte black lacquered brass and shades in crackle glass, this chandelier creates the grand reveal over this fierce living room.


Moving into the dining room, individual pendants adorn the split dining table. The custom dining table top became a true piece of art. It showcases a laser-cut brass panel with a map of Sacramento, the client’s hometown, speaking to his passion for maps and adding another layer of dimension and interest.


The designers wanted to give the house a special touch, with the tastes, preferences, and memories of the clients. For this, in the Master bedroom, an art piece was hung above the bed, blending a lifetime of poems, photographs, and song lyrics into a visual representation of a classic love story. Adjacent to this art piece is a full-size print of the client’s own photography, backlit and custom-framed to add personality to a room full of exquisite art. A collection of outstanding pieces, that would make any art collector proud, complete this couple’s penthouse. By taking into consideration customers’ preferences, Benning Design Construction created a perfect house for a weekend getaway with stunning city views and relaxing spaces.


Photo credits by Benning Design Construction.


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