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Vivid and Contemporary Home by Christopher Coleman

Christopher Coleman brings his usual contemporary and colorful style home in New York. By the wish of the owners, the interior designer focuses on a sharp white splashed with blue and yellow the interiors. The clients were from South American and wanted a beautify apartment with the premise that white was the protagonist. “I have had to learn to work with this request. I am very mixing colors, however, I managed to make a fusion of styles, “acknowledges the decorator.

The 375-square-foot space on the top floor of a slender building at the foot of the Hudson River in New York’s Upper West Side. From every corner, the views are striking and the number of modern furniture has been carefully selected to avoid taking away too much protagonism.

The white was an imperative selection, alongside to this request they ask to give importance to his collection of Latin American art and that the modern kitchen was designed by Porsche Design.

Coleman used his asymmetrical volumes to exalt some of the art that is exhibited in the house: the contemporary furniture and countertops wisely exercise exhibition stands.
The modern entryway unveils the total look in white, with a mix of shapes and textures like the bench that recalls the futuristic design of Zaha Hadid and a sculptural work that add a dramatic look.

The living room design, wrapped in the same color, has been peppered with yellow and blue. “They are two shades that I consider very bright and fit well into Latin American culture,” Coleman says.” I was lucky that a wonderful piece of Venezuelan artist Manuel Mérida became a starting point and inspiration for the rest of the interior.”

From the living room to the kitchen office, there is a gradual decrease of colors until there is only a bright solar tone.
The master bedroom is wrapped with the same blue in an atmosphere of reminiscence, with Italian design furniture selection that adds a sophisticated touch.


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