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Trendy Fabrics and Wallpapers for Luxury Home Interiors

What can a fabric or wallpaper say about your home interior decoration?

Luxury fabrics offer the finest in soft, flexible material for clothing, sheets, and home furnishings.

They are usually natural, as opposed to man-made or artificial fabrics. The process of cultivating, growing and harvesting the fibers for luxury fabrics makes them more expensive than man-made textiles.

Trendy Fabrics and Wallpapers for Luxury Home Interiors

Trendy Fabrics and Wallpapers for Luxury Home Interiors

There are brands such as Schumacher, Aldeco, Ralph Lauren, Rubelli, Etro Home Collection, Missoni, Osborne and Little, Christian Fischbacher, Designers Guild, Casamance, Lelievre, Christian Lacroix, Robert Allen, Dedar, and Nina Campbell fabrics which have brought luxury and elegance to homes and other interiors where only the finest quality will suffice. These collections feature numerous classic styles and designs, including fine silks, beautiful printed fabrics or wallpapers and European-influenced woven, as well as an assortment of innovative modern designs.

Christian-Lacroix-luxury fabrics and wallpapaers for home interior decoration

luxury fabrics and wallpapaers for home interior decoration



Cashmere, Velvet and Silk

There are several types of fabrics that fall into the luxury category.

Cashmere, Velvet and silk are the most well-known ones inside the luxury world for home interiors.

OSBORNE AND LITTLE-luxury fabrics-design home


From the wool of Kashmir goats, found in the mountains of Tibet and Mongolia, we can obtain the Cashmere.  Known for its soft touch, it can be used for sweaters and scarves but also to make throws and blankets or to upholster furniture.

Velvet has a short, soft nap on one side of the fabric; it provides a soft and thick look and feel to draperies, upholstery and accent pillows.

Silk draperies add a look of luxury to your windows, as do silk throw pillows or an occasional chair with a silk cushion. Mulberry silk is the finest and soft silk and one of most expensive fabrics in the world!

These fabrics typically don’t appear in bargain stores because they usually cost more than similar fabrics. Luxury fabrics, especially cashmere, often require special care and cleaning.


Oreste-luxury fabrics




2015 Trendy Decoration

Textured fabrics are already being a trend in 2015. For design and decor lovers, this season’s trends have been considered as one of the most beautiful, also due to its most trendy color: marsala.

Marsala takes its name from the marsala vine, which is warm and inviting. Since the fashion and cosmetics worlds have already adopted the color, it would not be too bold to say that marsala will also be the trendy decorative color till the end of 2015.

Trendy Fabrics and Wallpapers for Luxury Home Interiors


As it concerns the wallpapers, modern interior design trends include classic, retro and contemporary design ideas, fresh colors, exotic motifs, ethnic decoration patterns, artistic details and surprising blend of textures.

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