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Top Furniture Brands, FENDI CASA

As many of you requested from us, Design Home has decided to launch a project that through this project and each episode of it, we will talk about one Luxury brand from Furniture World.In our first episode, we would like to talk with you about the FENDI and specifically FENDI Casa.

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After almost 65 years after starting the business as Fur and Cloth designing, in 1989, Fendi launched new project, Fendi Casa.
Since then, Fendi Casa has been creating furniture and prestigious design objects that bring the unique Fendi flavor into houses in all over the world. A pervasive lifestyle project where tradition is never nostalgic and innovation is paramount.

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The collection contains a large variety of home furnishings, decorative lighting and accessories, all designed and manufactured using the finest materials and exclusive finishes. The production is 90% handcrafted by Italian artisans using traditional techniques in Italy.

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Fendi Casa has been a part of exclusive interior design projects in some of the most prestigious and exclusive locations around the world. Apartments, villas, yachts and private jets: each project curated by Fendi Casa is a unique and exclusive celebration. With careful attention to the environment, as well as to the client’s taste, Fendi Casa adds a taste of luxury to the art of living with careful attention to details and materials, creating a unique environment, steeped in style and craftsmanship.

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The high-level design, showcased on a multi-faceted and fluid stage, reveals a sophisticated art de vivre, translating into a living philosophy. Sofas, armchairs, tables, beds and exquisitely finished objects, resulting from a meticulous design and high-level craftsmanship, naturally adapt to the surrounding context.

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Fendi Casa introduces a new dimension of exclusivity and glamour. Excellence and comfort highlight the sofas crafted traditionally using prized materials and leathers adorned with exclusive buckles, Selleria stitching and embroidery.

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Unexpected contrasts characterize the Fendi Casa Contemporary collection of sleek pieces defined by plush fabrics, fur and precious leathers that play to Fendi’s standards of whispered opulence, craftsmanship and signature details.

This was our first review over luxury furniture brands. In the following days, Design Home will introduce you to more luxury brands in the furniture world. Hence, if you would like to know an specific one, please let us know and we will talk about it here.

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