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Top Five British Pubs In Dubai

Pubs are the most traditional places in British Culture, where friends will meet each other to spend a sweet evening together and may take a drink.

But as you know our Blog is mainly focused on the things that are going on through Middle East so we can’t forget that! Hence, today we will show you some Good British Pubs in Dubai!

Top Five British Pubs In Dubai

In these pubs customers have the chance to taste real traditional British foods such as Fish and Cheaps and taste some famous British drinks such as Guinness and Watch the English Premium League, every Saturday and Sunday, which is an inseparable part of the British Pubs and British Culture

1- Biggles British Pub Dubai

Welcome to the best British Pub in Dubai and the award winning English Pub Dubai has taken to its heart. For over 20 years now, Biggles Pub has been providing the city with a corner of dear old England that has become a favourite spot for excellent food, live entertainment and Friday Brunch.

Top Five British Pubs In Dubai

In Dubai, Biggles Pub is not only famed as the British Bar decorated in WWII aviation-themed memorabilia, but also as an ideal venue for night entertainment.

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2- The Viceroy British Pub

A British pub with a colonial setting, it is the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon or a cheerful evening.

Top Five British Pubs In Dubai

On the several LED screens in the pub, a wide variety of sports are showed.Relax with your favorite drink in this luxury british Pub.

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3- Geales British Pub

Indigenous to London’s Notting Hill and Chelsea, Geales neatly fits the British pub model, albeit with a fish-focussed philosophy. Beyond the red pillar box (post box to non-Brits) at the entrance, Geales’ Britishness continues to be proudly displayed inside with Union Jack flags on cushions and plates.

Top Five British Pubs In Dubai

Amid a mixture of leather and marble primarily in black and white, there’s a standalone bar where fans of English beverages will be won over by what may well be Dubai’s most comprehensive selection of popular and independent juniper brands, as well as a bar man that can offer some very knowledgeable guidance through that selection. Something new, then.

Top 5 British Pubs in Dubai

4- Nell Gwynne British Pub

Nell Gwynne is an authentic British pub offering a wide selection of drinks, live entertainment, and great food, quiz nights, pool competitions and more. With Nell Gwynne’s large LED TV screens broadcasting live sport coverage.


Challenge your friends for a game of pool and darts while you enjoy beverages at the bar. If sports are not for you, we have our resident British Band and DJ to entertain you throughout the night.

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5- Sherlock Holmes British Pub Dubai:

It lives up to the name! Looks like a cosy pub from the 19th century in the first section. But if you care to walk in further, you discover this dainty room designed like a replica of Sherlock Holmes study.


An old radio, post of the baskervilles, a fireplace, now who wouldn’t want to enjoy a drink there?

Top five British Pubs in Dubai

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