Top 5 White Marble Tables

Top 5 White Marble Tables

Today Design Home is going to give you some exceptional ideas we’ve found to room decoration with white marble tables. White is the color of peace and round the shape of communion, so why are you waiting to change your old dining table for a brand new one?
These five patterns offer the unique appearance known to many, as well as the rich range of colors, that are some of the most vibrant available in any natural stone.


1. Tammy, by Eurostyle

top marble white table A round marble table that is a choice you won’t regret if you have a small but stylish dining room. Space isn’t a problem for Tammy, a white sparkling piece of furniture. Pure elegance of contemporary furniture.

2. Modern Coffee Table, by National Furniture Supply

marble table mobital furniture

National Supply has created this marble table thinking about a stylish and modern living room. Although this table is not round, it is certainly very stylish.

3. Agra, by Brabbu

marble tables

Agra is a marble table inspired by the most celebrated monument in world, the Taj Mahal. It is an example of elegance and delicate work of a robust white stone that softens the structure, with traces of gold which give a warm tone to this living room piece of furniture.


4. Dinig Table, by Mobital Furniture

marble tables

This beauty marble top is a contemporary representation of perfection. The white color is the right choice to make room stands out from the rest of the living spaces.

5. Dining Table, by Paola Navone

marble tables

Unique and unexpected, sophisticated piece that looks great in your modern living room decoration. The top is a spectacular and elegant white round piece and the base, also round, is crafted of a single sheet of aluminum.

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