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Top 3 Mosques in the world

Mosque or Masjid is the complete complex of the Islamic culture, where the fundamental dimensions of the Islam are being deployed through every single line and corner.

The founder of each mosque who might be a king or a normal person always tries to make an excellent and perfect work to create a place to not even being attractive for the people but to represent his dedication to Allah.

Top three Mosques in the World

Whenever, a new and powerful Kalifa would be on power one of his first decisions would be making a big and representative Mosque to show first: he cares about his religion and all he do is because of it and also to point out that his city is the centre of Islam’s world. The same path that Christian kings followed, to show his commitments to God, they try to make a luxury religious place rather than a religious place. The good example of it is Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul Turkey. Sultan Ahmed built this mosque as a representative to the Islamic world that since now on, the flag of the Islam will be waived by Ottoman Empire not Arabian Countries where Islam was born and I am the new Kalifa of Islam.

Top three Mosques in the World

Nevertheless, by spreading the Islam from West of Asia, through North of Africa until the South of Europe, the Islamic architecture and interior design trends also affected the culture and architecture style of the conquered countries.

Here I begin with top 3 Mosques in the World:

1- Masjid Al Haram, Mecca, Saudi Arabia:
The Place that all the Muslim would like to visit it at least once in their life:

Top three Mosques in the World

As it is mentioned in the Quraan, this place is the holiest place in the world.

The current area of it is 400,800 square meters. However, in the near future, this area will be expanded up to two times of the current area.

2- Masjid al Nabi (Nabawi), Medina, Saudi Arabia:

The second holiest place for the Muslims, where the body of their prophet is entombed. The current structure was begun to get shaped from 1837.


 3- Sultan Ahmed, Istanbul, Turkey

Built on 17th Century by an Ottoman empire, Sultan Ahmed I. After a long was with Persian Empire, he decided to represent himself as the Leader of the Islam by making the Biggest Mosque in that time.

Top 5 Mosques in the World

Of course, there are so many marvelous Mosques in the world that can be a good example of the Arabian Architecture and Islamic design and I know a lot of you might be not agree with my selections. So I would like to ask you to comment your top three mosques.

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