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Top 10 firms in residential fashionable, luxurious, magnificent projects

The world is filled of projects but there those that stand out and that are unique. We decided to pick or top 10 firms in residential projects. We first start by thinking which characteristic we should look for. Fashionable, luxurious, magnificent, projects that stand out for their originality and personality where some of the few elements we have in count.

The choices were hard to make, although we did come up with a list.

We have in first place the Marc-Michaels Interior Design, from contemporary to traditional or a more rustic look Marc Michaels projects are always a delight. Soft and strong.

Marc-Michaels Interior Design

Creative Design Consultants

Creative Design Consultant

Our top 3 choice is the great Peter Marino Architect, there is not a a word that is succulent to describe is projects so magnificent an extraordinary will have to do it. Channel Avenue Montaigne and Louis Vuitton in Singapure are magnificent.


Robert A.M. Stern Architect

Robert A.M. Stern Architects



Beautiful and luxurious spaces are a trade mark for the Callison, here projects and spacious and very comfortable to be in.






Rockwell Group

Rockwell Group

Last but not least KNA Design, their fabulous designs have unique characteristic that distinguished them from the rest of the projects. Everything is always carefully evaluated and their mixing of the elements is stunning.

KNA Design

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