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Thomas Klein International – Design the interior and the technical kitchen

TKI to design Riyadh restaurant kitchen

Thomas Klein International (TKI), the Dubai-based restaurant consultant, has been appointed to design the interior and the technical kitchen layout of Fire Wok, Riyadh’s newest fast food outlet. Daniel During, principal and managing director of TKI, said: “The outlet is only 60 sq m as the concept is mostly based on delivery and take-away, which also means that the seating capacity is very limited.

“For this reason we will be using stools throughout the restaurant, as they are smaller in size than regular chairs, and are a better fit for the theme.”

The circular element of the wok serves as inspiration for the space branding, and to show the steps of ordering the meal and choosing the different ingredients, During said. The ceiling feature within the outlet will also be made of actual woks, placed upside down, and painted a vibrant on the inside to match the colour of the logo. Some of them will also be fitted with lights.

“We decided to merge both modern and authentic Asian materials; hence we combined steel and bamboo within the overall design, and we also designed the counter to represent the stripes of the noodles,” he added.

“Although there are a few fast-food Asian restaurants in Riyadh already, this new addition will offer diners something truly unique in terms of the quality of their food, and their modern interpretation on Asian cuisine.

“We wanted to make sure the interior design conveyed the same message, and further enhanced the outlet’s fresh and modern approach to dining, without compromising on the authenticity of the cuisine served,” concluded During.

The new outlet, owned by Square Meals Restaurants, will be located in Jana mall in North of  Riyadh.

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