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The Top Power Lunch Spots in Dubai

During the morning was think how much I was in a mood for a lunch on a more special location. Enjoy a delicious food and brief escape and still do little bit of work.

The Capital Club offers just that! This extraordinaire and private club is one of the most prestige ones in Dubai. The design and the all space are perfectly though and are beautiful conceived. Here the crowd is very distinguished, important people from business, government, fashion and art are often seen here.

A glass of wine, a good mood and you are in the perfect place to mingle. Right in the center of Dubai financial heart the location could´t be more perfect to all of the big shots is this area.

The Top Power Lunch Spots in Dubai

The Top Power Lunch Spots in Dubai

Another place mi mind just flow of was Reflets Par Pierre Gagnaire. A lavish and luxurious space always with a fantastic dining experience, any time of the day! Here you can´t hope for a quick meal because once you are inside you don’t ever want to leave! And if lunch is great don´t get me started on dinner in this magnificent place. The design and décor are also the best, the all combinations makes it the perfect place!

The Top Power Lunch Spots in Dubai

The Top Power Lunch Spots in Dubai

If I started to write this article because I was in a mood of a gorgeous meal in every sense know I really have to go!

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