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The New Cool Kid in Town: Bulgari Resort in Dubai

Accomodation in Dubai has just added a glittering new jewel to its crown with the opening of Bulgari Resort & Residences Dubai on 7 December of 2017. The luxury Hotel is a first-of-its kind development in scale and magnitude for the italian jewellery brand Bulgari, which branded branched out in hotels back in 2004. The glamorous resort is  the most expensive hotel in the city.

Fashioned like a priceless jewel, the Bulgari Resort Dubai is, in fact, a “destination within a destination”. It blends the charm of a Mediterranean village with sophisticated Middle-Eastern overtones. The resort hotel sits on an entirely man-made island that also hosts a yacht marina and multi-use buildings with cutting-edge architecture.

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The hotel’s spectacular facade features a striking “coral effect” grillwork made of an innovative material that screens out heat and filters sunlight. The Bulgari Resort Dubai also marries the iconic identity of the Bulgari brand with the spirit of the location.

The 158,000-square-metre property is situated on Jumeirah Bay, an island carved into the shape of a seahorse and adjoined by a 300m bridge to central Dubai. It has a Mediterranean village feel, and encompasses six residential buildings with 173 sea-facing apartments and 15 private mansions.

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Guests can stay in one of 101 rooms and suites in the resort, as well as 20 Bulgari villas with pool, garden and sea-view. If you’re planning on bringing your boat, the complex comprises a private marina featuring 50 boat berths. It also has the first world’s Bulgari Yacht Club offering views over the sea.

Features of the hotel include a spa with traditional-style hammam, indoor pool, fitness centre, beauty salon, traditional barbershop and hairdresser. Real gold mosaic tiles, green onyx and Afyon marble decorate the cabana-lined swimming pool, hammam and relaxation areas.

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