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The Most Amazing Bathtubs in the World

People are divided into two groups: shower lovers and bath lovers. This gallery is for my group: the bath lovers.

The simple pleasure of a hot bath turns ultra luxurious when you sink into a foreign bathtub in a carefully constructed and impeccably designed space.

If you just take a look to some of these gorgeous and amazing bathtubs you immediately imagine yourself within a romantic scenary. My favorite one is the Newton bathtub. Check it down here!

# Outdoor bathtub


# Modern attic bathtub



# Glowing light and warm stone bathtub


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# Shoe Bathtub



# Stone Forest Bathtub


# Animals bathtub


# Caldén wood bathtub


# Newton Bathtub


# Circular vessel bathtub


# Illuminated bathtub

Have you ever seen them?!

Which one is your favorite?!

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