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5 Superyachts You’ll Fall in Love With

5 Superyachts You’ll Fall in Love With ⇒ Celebrities are surrounded by rich and luxurious elements, whether it’s massive mansions or lavish and star-studded parties. Superyachts are also the ultimate acquisition for every celebrity, even if it’s just to spend an incredibly exquisite summer down the South of Italy and South of France. In these luxurious yachts, there are many exclusive amenities that you can only find in these exclusive Superyachts. Yachting design is perfectly composed of top interior design and architectural firms, that only provide the best of design, with the most bespoke pieces of furniture.


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Tranquillity (Winch Design)



Meet the former Equanimity, and actual Tranquility Superyacht, that was originally built in 2013! This stunning superyacht is an incredible creation of Oceanco with a fabulous interior design by prestigious design firm, Winch Design. Able to fit up to 22 guests and a crew of 29, it features the astounding number of 10 rooms, divided into 1 master suite, 3 VIP rooms, 4 Double, 2 Twin Rooms, and many more. This elegant creation is going to shine on mega-famous celebrity Kylie Jenner’s lavish 22nd birthday party. This 300.20-feet luxurious Superyacht features a perfectly conceptualized Asian-inspired theme, where wood, bamboo, marble and gold leaf are the main materials within. But that’s not all, as you should expect. This Superyacht shares many ostentatious amenities such as a Helipad, a Beach Club, Wellness Area, Cinema, Swimming Pool, and many more. Tranquillity states the incredible amount of US$1.25 Million per week, and it is the most perfect idea to enjoy a massive party, surrounded by friends and family.


Christina O (Apostolos Molindris & Associates)


Christina O stands as a Superyacht that is full of History and Heritage, which means that it is almost impossible to deliver a fair amount for what this creation offers: a life of stories that you could never replace! Built in 1943 by Canadian Vickers, it was shortly purchased by Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis in 1954. Since then, the Superyacht has been able to receive visits from Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Winston Churchill, John F Kennedy and many other celebrities. This 325-feet creation has been refitted in 2017, with a stylish interior design setting from design firm Apostolos Molindris & Associates. This Superyacht is able to fit 34 guests and a crew of 38, within 17 cabins. This custom project still features some of the bespoke elements that came with its first construction such as an original lapis fireplace, with an English Country Manor House-style decor. This historical yacht has recently been the stage for the getaway wedding of Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz, on the South of the Italian island of Capri. Within the Christina O, you can also find the distinguished Onassis Suite, that features an onyx fireplace and illumination by ostentatious Baccarat crystal Wall lights. There is also a large space for leisure and entertainment amenities, such as a completed library, a massive saloon, a magnificent ballroom, a gym and music room, where Sinatra has once performed.


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Flying Fox (Mark Berryman)



This US$400 Million exquisite Superyacht is called Flying Fox, and it is the recent acquisition of Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos. This brand new Superyacht was built this year, which means that this is a very recent creation from the company Lurssen. This astounding 446.19-feet Yacht features the amazing number of 11 cabins, including a master suite and 10 VIP staterooms, which is able to fit up to 22 guests and a crew of 54. This relaxed luxury yacht shares a timeless styling, with a comfortable and elegant concept, yet with the most amazing and bespoke pieces. Since it’s recent built, the present decor features a wooden-theme, with a very contemporary style. With a special contribution of Espen Oeino on the exterior design and interior designer Mark Berryman, this project features the most luxurious amenities. For relaxation and entertainment, there are many facilities such as a 12-meter swimming pool, a 400m 2-Floor Spa Area, Helipad, cinema, elevator, and many other facilities.


Eos (François Catroux)



Diane Furstenberg named her incredible luxury yacht after the Greek Goddess of the Dawn, Eos. This luxurious and historic yacht is a 93 metre Bermuda rigged schooner, with three amazing long masts, which makes it absolutely majestic. This was an incredible purchase by internationally fashion designer Diane Furstenberg, and her husband Barry Diller, in 2009. The famous company Lurssen was behind the built of this luxury yacht, where Bill Langan was responsible for the exterior design of this project, while the top French interior designer François Catroux embraced the embellishment of Furstenberg’s yacht. The wonderful Eos is able to comfortably accommodate 16 guests and 21 crew members. As far as the interiors go, François dedicated himself to reflect these celebrities’ tastes and personalities while adapting to his design identity. The spaces throughout this yacht feature elegantly decorated and luxurious spaces, with many entertainment areas, such as a jacuzzi, a magnificent glass staircase and panoramic views.


Beethoven (Nuvolari & Lenard)


It’s not only the Hollywood stars that have the most amazing time, but sports stars are also major fans of nautical experiences, and Rafael Nadal is no exception. Nadal is worldly known for being a top Spanish tennis player in International men’s singles. As a sportsman, he has held many records and won many awards for his amazing work throughout his career. With all the fame and glory he has achieved, Nadal has also awarded himself with a luxury yacht, the Beethoven, due to his love of yachting. Acquired in 2016, this 23.5-metre motor and Monte Carlo Yacht was built in Montefalcone in Italy, by the French company Beneteau. When it comes to talking about the interiors of this luxurious yacht, the exterior and interior design was the responsibility of well recognized Italian design company Nuvolari Lenard. Through their creative design, the company was able to establish a perfect balance on the decor concept, to meet Nadal’s tastes and needs. This yacht features a stateroom, kitchen and cabins that are decorated in neutral tones, with accents of stone and slate with wooden finishes. There is also an expansive deck, a bimini top and a flybridge, that offers a stunning and comfortable accommodation. The tennis player has recently placed this magnificent luxury yacht for sale, so don’t lose the opportunity to shine by, with the stylish Beethoven.


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