Stylish Al Bahar Towers Amazing Technology : Architecture

Stylish Al Bahar Towers Amazing Technology : Architecture


Abu Dhabi has been showing signs of promising architectural design, and this can already be seen from the great Al Bahar Towers. Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, the tower has an interesting design that makes it like an ornament that is decorating Abu Dhabi itself. The designer was inspired by the shading section of mosques called mashrabiya that he even installed it in the tower, making the tower even more unique and eye-catching. The tower definitely matches the natural surroundings of the tower, adding another reason why the tower should be admired.

Al Bahar Towers’ Revolutionary Design

The design of Al Bahar Towers by Aedas Architects is truly one in a kind among other towers. The towers consist of two towers standing at the side that is near by the beach of Abu Dhabi, giving the perfect outside scenery for those who are inside the towers. From far away, the towers loos like two cylinders in aquatic color, and the transparency of the walls make it able for outsiders to see the vertical floors from far away. The mashrabiya of the towers can also be seen from far away, shaping like bee hives that look as if they are attached to the buildings. The towers’ symbol of stars can also be seen hanging proudly in the upper middle of the towers.

Al Bahar Towers

What makes those “bee hives” unique? As it has been mentioned before, mashrabiya is a unique shading system that is commonly used in Islamic lattices. Attaching mashrabiya to the towers mean that the floors will be prevented from taking too much sun ray despite of the transparency of the walls, thus the residents of the towers will have no problem at shading themselves from the sun ray. Moreover, the mashrabiya became unique accents of the tower, making the tower more refreshing to the eyes.

Al Bahar Towers as Icons

The unique towers became the proud icons of Abu Dhabi. It makes sense though, considering the tower’s unique design that is simple yet modern. The towers also became something that is naturally part of Abu Dhabi now, as the people of Abu Dhabi are able to see the towers naturally now. In fact, the modern Al Bhahar Towers by Aedas Architects might be parts of Abu Dhabi already, and this can be seen as how people consider these towers as informal icons of Abu Dhabi.

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