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SICIS World Pools Collections

More and more we falling in love with all the designs from the Italian Company SICIS, which are created with impressive colors and designs, combined the beauty look with the functions.

SICIS swimming pools are considered as an art work all over the world. Their mosaic design give another look then the standard swimming pool look, impressive in the colors and designs on their mosaic give a luxury and unique touch, and their style are not only an Italian style, they are many kinds of styles to ensure variety.
SICIS swimming pools are normally found in large inns and luxurious villas, though they’re extensive, however containing many different designs to swimsuit all backyard sizes. But don´t worry , for you who adore their mosaic artwork also can carry this sort of luxury to your swimming pools, it may be ordered small sized for use for an indoor design at your home, villa, or even mansion rooms.

Some swimming pools are made totally different, like these in lodge Manzi in Italy, they have been made so plain and easy from above with very massive pillars surrounding and merged within the borders. Such an Italian group created one other new form of outside and indoor artwork, the swimming pools are decorated from inside, but not like any other pools, the way in which of building is totally different and distinctive such that the colours stay constant by means of the years.

The interior ornament is made like passages, or much like any floor decorations to provde the feeling that you are walking on a ground, and that is what we see in the hotel Selenza, Manzi, and Burj Al Arab in Dubai. Some designs came with Arabian model decorations, just like the pools in Burj Al Arab, and the others for homes and villas were made with paisley prints on the pool walls.

Such kinds regarded very elegant and could give new emotions for the swimmers, they help to calm down, and to feel amused. Colors are essential in the art of SICIS, it’s some sort of expression means, and virtually all colours are used. Pink and green colours might type a particular look with the golden lines in the mosaic styled pools, they formed an beneath-water flower garden.


Source : SICIS

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