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RIVAAGE boutique with AMATO’S first RTW collection available exclusively


In 2002 creative director Furne One, alongside textile expert Rashid Ali formed the fashion powerhouse Amato. Captivating the region’s style set ever since their debut collection, Unveiled Soul 2004, they garnered a legion of loyal fans and captured the attention of Hollywood – Beyoncé, Katy Perry and Shakira are all fans. So when Amato’s first ready-to-wear (RTW) show was revealed at LA Fashion Week, we waited with baited breath to find out where we could get our hands on the collection. Finally, it has been revealed, Rivaage Boutique in The Dubai Mall will be stocking this stunning collection exclusively.   As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Furne One’s selection of shoes, accessories and perfumes – Amato Argento for men and Amato Oro for women – will also be available in the boutique.  The RTW collection is only a small step away from Amato’s incredible couture collections, meaning you get all the drama and avant-garde designs, but in a more wearable form.


Pastel shades are the tone of choice with blush, greens, creams and blues all dominating the palette. Chiffons are mixed with bold tailoring and statement shoulders, meaning powerful feminine silhouettes are created. “By meshing cultures, using the region’s rare arts, layering it with Eastern and Western elements, I create unique pieces for my urbane and globalised clients, reflecting their personal and cultural identities,” stated Furne One. After a sneak peak, we can confirm the collection truly embodies his philosophy.


Rivaage Boutique is the perfect location for Furne’s collection to be stocked. Known as one of the region’s most exciting showcase spaces for international and regional emerging designers, it’s bound to give Amato the attention it deserves. With a newly opened Rivaage Boutique in House of Fraser in Abu Dhabi, the brand continues to grow with a team of buyers working both locally and internationally to bring Rivaage’s customers the next big thing. Other brands stocked by Rivaage include Marchesa’s pret-line, Notte by Marchesa, Jovani and Adrianna Pappell.

Rivaage Boutique is located in The Dubai Mall (04) 3253778, Sunset Mall (04) 43807177 and House Of Fraser in Abu Dhabi (04) 3253588

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Lur Hajar
10 years ago

great fashion

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