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Pink and Marble breathe life into this Restaurant Interior Design in Tel Aviv

Cafeteria is the trendy restaurant in Tel Aviv that plays with colors like no one else.

The interior design carried out by Meir Guri is truly “instagrammable” with tasty foods and lots of decor references.

The Cafetaria managed to achieve a cool and modern aesthetics with the interios in the hit tones of the moment: millenial pink, deep blue, and forest green.

The interior designer made the contemporary restaurant a true oasis within the Gindi Fashion Mall. The Israeli has proposed something well integrated, with bar area and tables separated by few levels of stairs.

The high ceiling ensures natural light and air circulation and gained attention with pendant plants and geometric fixtures. This whole game of textures and shapes is intentional: Meir wanted to recreate the outside environment.

“I thought using a deep shade of antique pink was the solution, so the eye could easily differentiate the cafeteria from the rest of the mall,” said Guri. “I feel there is something very elegant and adult about this color, it sends a very ‘established’ and powerful message.”

For the design project, they re-used discarded pieces of cut marble of different shapes to make the colored mosaic on the floor. “After visiting some marble factories, a solution surfaced very quickly in my head: I will buy all their leftovers and loose cuts for a fraction of the price, asked them to cut it into different triangular shapes and sizes,” said Guri. “I assembled the floor randomly on site with a wonderful and very patient marble workman.”

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