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Middle East Artists in Maison & Objet, Paris

*Written by: Sajad Noorbarkhsh

As you probably know, Maison and Objet, Paris will be exhibited from 4 to 8 of September and they are many companies from different countries will attend to this big international exhibition.

As Design Home likes to keep his audiences updated and also would like to take a look at Middle East Artists who will attend this big event.
General speaking, in this period of the Maison and Objet, very few artists and designers and producers from Middle East attended to this show compare with previous period.

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In this period of the Maison and Objet only 5 exhibitors from the Lebanon (3 companies) and Egypt (2 companies)  will present their products and ideas, which by considering the potential and market that middle east has, it is very few.

Here, we take a look at these six companies that will be there:

1- Kelos

Kelos is an Egyptian Lighting company. The lighting pieces that they produce are hand made and the design that they use is quite inspired by Arabian Design. Their products include the Table Lamp, Ceiling Lamp and decorative glass pieces like as: Candle Holders:

2- Patty Craft:

Another Egyptian Company that will attend to Maison and Objet in Paris is Patty Craft. Their main focus also is on decorative objects that are inspired by Arabian Design and Egyptian Culture and History. The products that they will present are carpets, decorative glass and wooden objects, Ceramics.

Among all the Middle East Countries, Lebanon has more exhibitors in Maison and Objet of this year in Paris and they will present a wide range of products from lighting pieces to Prayer rugs!

3- Effet Design:

Effet Design presents contemporary and innovative accessories for home and decoration. They have wide range of pieces for any occasion. Like as: Nickel and Aluminium pieces, Leather, table linen, Tableware and etc

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Another Lebanese company which also will present hand made accessries in Maison and Objet, Paris is Y.Knot. They are specialized in Hand Made Rugs, wears and etc.


Maybe the only companies among all that their focus is on more professional pieces and furniture is this Lebanese company. SAYAR & GARIBEH is an innovative and young company that is trying to find his place among top companies in the field of lighting and furniture:

In Design Home view, they are more professional companies in middle east that they can take part in such a big event like Maison & Objet and being present in such exhibition will also help the economy of the region that governments and companies should consider it.

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In the next article, Design Home will take a look at the pieces that by considering the environment and culture of Middle East could be good choices that should be considered.

If you have any opinion about this post and if you will be in this exhibition, let us know.

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