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Mid-Century Modern Living Room Ideas to Get Inspired By

Ruled by simplicity, the Mid-century modern design has continuously gained followers and lovers from all over the world. Mid-century living spaces are all about organic style and ease of living and that’s reflected in their structure. Besides simple lines and pure forms, this style is also haracterised by innovative accents and out-of-the-box art elements. One aspect that is very specific of this style is the use of particularly iconic furnishing that can completely elevate the overall design of a room. Today i will explore some of the most fresh and opulent mid-century modern living rooms that showcase the essence of this style at its finest!

This unique style draws a lot of inspirations from the 50’s and 60’s

Mid-century living room featuring a simple yet varied color scheme. Image Credit to Roger Davies

Shawn Henderson decorated this astonishing living room of an Aspen retreat, with the most unique mid-century modern furnishings. Image Credit to Richard Powers

A completely organized living room set with organic and clean-lined furnishings. Image Credit to Pieter Estersohn.

Minimalist mid-century design. Image Credit to Douglas Friedman

Mid-century space with a touch of contemporaneity. Image Credit to Bob Hiemstra

Add artistic and geometric flair to your mid-century modern living room. Image Source: Home Designing

Living room set with simple cream and pastel tones. Image Credit to Trevor Trondo

A simple yet extremely sophisticated living room set, well-appointed with clean and extraordinary furnishings. Image Credit to Simon Upton.

Mid-century living room with Parisian decor twists and splashes of color. Image Credit to Björn Wallander

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