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Mid-Century Home Decor to Get Your Freak On

Mid-Century Home Decor to Get Your Freak On ⇒ Located in Oporto, next to another Top Showroom – The Covet House Douro – The Covet Valley is an incredible mid-century modern home/showroom that will take you back in time! Its impressive interior design combines that incredible retro feels with a modern twist and represents one of the biggest trends in 2019! An interior design project like no other, be prepared to be swept away by the charm of mid-century style in this luxurious and playful mid-century modern home in Oporto.


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Located near the beautiful Douro river, with a stunning view of the river, this amazing mid-century modern home might be one of the trendiest design projects yet. It’s not a simple design showroom, but so much more than that. Covet Valley surfaces on the incredible Porto from a need of bringing vintage back to life.



Originally built in the 1960s, Covet Valley keeps its mid-century architectural roots intact by featuring rigorous geometric lines and large windows which perfectly integrate the house in its natural surroundings, perfectly combining mid-century elements with a luxurious touch.



Overlooking one of Europe’s most breathtaking landscapes – the Douro, a UNESCO’s World Heritage Place – Covet Valley is the epitome of mid-century modern design, otherwise known as the house that could be the perfect fit for an early James Bond movie. The incredible Covet Valley is represented by the American concept side by side with the true Portuguese soul. Fully decorated with the inspiring retro collections of DelightFULL and Essential Home, this mid-century modern house project is the dream house for all the vintage design lovers. The pieces that you’ll find inside were all handmade by the most skilled artisans, something that comes within the Portuguese culture.



Luxury and elegance meet each other in a seductive setting that promises to elevate interior design and craftsmanship into a whole different level with exquisite pieces that bring the past and future into the present, mixing it into a delicious combination of mid-century elements. Take THE VIRTUAL TOUR.





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