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Kanzi Jewels’ Latest Arrivals at Harvey Nichols-Dubai

Dubai-based Roberta Calarese’s latest Kanzi Jewels creations boasts vibrantly colored gemstones set within bold designs. The collection is based on Calarese’s own taste and experiences within the Middle East and abroad. “The inspiration behind Kanzi is my personality, my experiences, my friends and my achievements,” says Calarese.

Calarese is currently the Chief Legal Officer of the DIFC Authority, DIFC Data Protection Commissioner and Secretary of the Board of Directors. Born and raised in Italy, Roberta Calarese combines her heritage and innate understanding of modern luxury within Kanzi’s creations. Working closely with Roberta, is her cousin Chantal Sassoli de Bianchi who is the design director of Kanzi.

Kanzi’s collection includes an extensive selection of Roberta and Chantal’s creations including ‘Vintage’, ‘Rose e Confetti’ and ‘Les Exclusives’, which showcases a mix of diamonds, emeralds, mother-of-pearl and rose gold pieces. The selection includes wearable casual styles as well as one-of-a-kind statement jewels.

Kanzi Jewels are available at the Fine Jewellery and Watches Department, Level 1, Harvey Nichols – Dubai, Mall of the Emirates. Tel: +971 44098888.

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