Interior Design Tips - 6 Pieces to Create a Lion King Inspired Bedroom

Interior Design Tips – 6 Pieces to Create a Lion King Inspired Bedroom

Interior Design Tips – 6 Pieces to Create a Lion King Inspired Bedroom ⇒ 2019 marks the return of probably the biggest classic in animated cinema’s history: The Lion King. With Disney announcing the remake of this blockbuster, it got us thinking: what if we can bring the savannah into our house? Yeah, sure, some plants and animal figures might do the trick, but what if we took the extra mile? It’s pretty easy to predict that kids will go absolutely bananas with this new motion picture, so let’s make them kings of their own jungle.


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Teepee is a children’s tent bed inspired by the traditional indigenous tents. The Teepee Room has a playful design influenced by the Disney princess Pocahontas and her free-spirited and highly spiritual personality. Kids will be drawn to this room because of the sense of adventure that it inspires. Constructed from a solid oak veneer, both on the base, bed and storage, it is then supported by a 5-pole structure with a covering in synthetic leather, with peach skin texture.



The Animal Stools collection owns an exclusive design that promises to awaken children’s friendship with animals. When it comes to children’s interiors, these stools introduce a modern design, always ensuring that the bedroom reflects the child’s personality and is both fun and young. This stools series allows parents to choose the animal their kids like the most, is possible to choose from bird, shark and elephant.


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A crazy and crafty family. Monkey lamps have a strong theatrical impact in which art, design and the world of nature blend together creating magical products. The perfect scenography for your home


Inspired by American folk art, this giant 3-metre repeat wallpaper will whisk you away to tales of old unleashing childlike enthusiasm for fairy tales. Mythical Land tells an enchanting story. Walkthrough a magical world on your walls, from a lively river bordered with wildflowers to a tree growing giant pears and a whole dance of mythical creatures along the way.


Wolf skulls, posing snakes, bones of mysterious animals… all of this in precious gold-coloured metal. Wunderkammer is a collection of rare and uncommon objects travelling from a Renaissance room of wonders to the present days.


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