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Impressive Roof Frames The Galleria, Abu Dhabi’s Latest Luxury Shopping Destination

Abu Dhabi’s new luxury shopping destination, The Galleria on Al Maryah Island, set to launch on 6 August, is covered by a stunning sculptural glass and steel atrium. The impressive roof was designed by complex structure engineering experts and RFF and cost $25 million.

The structure frames the grand entrance and sweeps across the entirety of The Great Room which forms the center of the leisure and lifestyle complex. It seems to seamlessly integrate into the panoramic sky-line view, which overlooks onto the mainland Abu Dhabi waterfront.

Complex structure engineering experts RFR who have previously designed similar iconic projects including the inverted pyramid of Le Musée du Louvre Paris, are responsible for the roof’s conceptualization.

“The design brief was unusual as we inherited the existing building’s footprint and needed to design within these constraints,” said Jean Le Lay, Director, RFR. “We also had to bring together widely contradictory elements. On one side, sun exposition and humidity levels were a key concern. On the other hand, the design brief revealed a strong wish for delicate-looking aesthetics appearing to stretch seamlessly from landscaping to sky while complementing high-end retailers located below in the Great Room. Our experience developing previous glazing projects including Terminal 2 of Charles de Gaulle Airport helped us deliver the perfect solution for The Galleria in less than two and a half years.”

The roof is composed entirely of steel and glass and offers three layers of structural and thermal protection, in addition to cleverly applied shading devices. The organic quality of the roof ensures a smooth transition from exterior to interior while all the time projecting a magical aura by night.

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