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IMOB 2013 Istanbul

IMOB Fair in Istanbul is considered one of the large furniture exhibitions in the world, the furniture sector was brought for the 9th time. The event has set the agenda of the sector in Turkey in every year it was organized, and in 2013 it was again the place where all developments, novelties and opportunities will be shared.

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The Fair opened the doors of the finest home furnishings, interior designs and furniture trends for 2013 between 29 January – 02 February in Istanbul. More than 60,000 companies operate in Turkish furniture industry, including manufacturers and retailers. Istanbul, Ankara, Kayseri, Inegol and Izmir are Turkey’s leading furniture production locations. Increasing its output capacity each year with new investments, Turkey exports furniture to 173 countries on 5 continents worldwide. Imob has more than 350 exhibitors.

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It was an opportunity for profitable business, full access to global furniture trends and a close look at the rich content of the Turkish furniture market.

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By visiting IMOB, people had also the opportunity to see the breathtaking natural scenery of the center of the old world and Istanbul with historical heritages that will take you on a trip back in time. Istanbul, with the mesmerizing Bosporus and terrific Turkish cuisine is one of the most fun and worth seeing cities in the world. You can reach Istanbul in two hours from Europe and the Middle East.

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