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Holidays Decor Perfect for Your Luxury Bathroom


Holidays Decor Perfect for Your Luxury Bathroom ⇒ The holiday season is coming and you need to make sure that your luxury bathroom is as trendiest as it gets. Reinventing your bathroom decor for this season can be a challenge, however, Maison Valentina has gathered a few trends for this festive season, in order to help you elevate your bathroom holiday decor. Are you ready to be inspired?


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In this winter luxury bathroom design, the star of the show is without a doubt the unique Petra Bathtub by Maison Valentina. This freestanding bathtub combines Ibiza marble and wood and is inspired by the ancient city of Petra, where buildings are directly carved in stone cliffs. The white marble detail almost looks like the winter snow, don’t you think?

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Inspired by the beauty of music, the silver-plated brass tubes enhance the white snow that is sitting on the Christmas tree evoking the true Holiday spirit. This unique bathtub design gives the needed touch of luxury, making Maison Valentina’s Symphony bathtub a piece of elevated design perfect for your luxury bathroom.

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This is the most inspiring luxury bathroom design project for the holidays that we have ever seen. This time the gold-plated brass tubes of the Symphony Oval bathtub by Maison Valentina match the Christmas decorations in the back! An open-concept bathroom done right, don’t you think?

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The KOI bathtub by Maison Valentina takes the stage as the centrepiece of this unique holiday luxury bathroom. This high-end bathroom vanity features an aged brushed brass base resembling the scales pattern of the Japanese Koi carp. The contrived patina iron freestanding bathtub has an oval shape and a curved lip, making it the perfect resting spot for your head.

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Last but not least, we have this minimalistic luxury bathroom set with a few simple Christmas details in the decor. In this ambience, the colours combine perfectly with the two Diamond freestanding by Maison Valentina, in black and gold, but the final touch is given by the Koi Mirror, with a different and sophisticated form. Simple but with glamour and sparkle, this ambience is an inspiration to anyone who loves to decorate for the Holidays.

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