High standards of modern life - Murat Bilican Furniture Design

High standards of modern life – Murat Bilican Furniture Design

Murat Bilican Furniture Design…From the palace tradition to the high standards of modern life, Murat Bilican Furniture Design give us the opportunity to see amazing furniture pieces and it is one of the most beautiful brands in Turkey! Gates to the palaces, thrones to the sultans were all manufactured with the same attention to detail and love in this land. This traditional craft continues today in the skilful hands of the carving masters carrying the legacy and esthetical values to the present. Turkey today has reached a very high level in the furniture sector with a design and manufacturing capacity that meets the requirements of the modern world. With this huge capacity Turkey is ready to meet all of your furniture needs. Turkey is ready!

  Murat Bilican Furniture Design

A deep rooted tradition… An open future!

Turkish Furniture Promotion Group is the representative of a world class production made in the Turkish furniture sector with more than 5 Million indoor area, 35,000 facilities, and more than 500,000 qualified people working in these companies. Turkey has 11 Billion USD furniture production and 1.5 Billion USD furniture exports. Technological investments for the development of the sector are around 10 Billion USD. Furniture sector is among the biggest sectors in Turkey with its growth potential and resting on the power it has gained from the thousands of years of Anatolian furniture design and production tradition, it has in the recent years it has taken a big step forward to meet the needs of the modern world. The stores are in Los Angeles, New York, Dubai and Istanbul.


Murat Bilican Furniture Design


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