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Get Inspired Trough This living Room Ideas by Boca do Lobo

Living Room Inspirations and Ideas by Boca do Lobo – Famous luxury brand Boca do Lobo has a strong fixation in presenting strong, creative and unique pieces to a worldwide clientele. That’s why they sit at the top of the Design Industry, but their love for craftsmanship, design and bespoke has several interpretations in their several luxury collections.

In some of their pieces, we can find a love for extravagant design and in others, we find their love for a reinterpretation of the past through technology and contemporary practice.

But the truth is that each piece has a unique and timeless character, revealing an attention to the smallest details and an inspiring love for design and craftsmanship. So today  i decided to showcase 6 stunning, unique and elegant products that will revamp your living room décor and that can provide a unique and luxury space for you and your family and guests.


Inspired by Swan Lake Op. 20, ballet composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky,Odette Sofa tells the story of a princess turned into a swan by an evil sorcerer’s curse. The sweeping silhouette is accentuated with a polished brass structure and an asymmetric back offers a sophisticated design and timeless appeal.


Supernova Chandelier was born from the cataclysmic explosion of a massive star. The instant of a bright starburst that was suspended into a fascinating lighting design. An explosion of luxury and craftsmanship lighting design that will steal the attention of any room.


The rock formation Lapiaz inspired this unique coffee table. In case you don’t know, Lapiaz is the French word used to name the typical karst formations produced by surface dissolution of limestone or dolomite rocks. It can also be caused by freezing and thawing in cold climates. Based on the same aesthetic that created a legacy, the Lapiaz Oval Center Table  takes exceptional craftsmanship and design to a new realm.


This stunning and exceptional sideboard offers a tribute to the historical city of “Angra do Heroismo” in Azores, Portugal. The seductive and elegant sideboard, its outstanding in its shape and curved design, offering a tactile focus to the exquisite marble top.


The mesmerizing L’chandelier is a dreamy, elegant and luxurious lightning piece, incomparable and impressive as the romantic Champs-Élysées avenue, frequently described “la plus belle avenue du monde”/ “the world’s most beautiful avenue”. This luxurious symbol of Paris transformed into this beautiful handcrafted, polished brass Chandelier. L’Chandelier’s marvelous dancing shape was realized through the antique technique (Repoussé) used widely with gold and silver for fine detailed work, during 3rd century BC.



As expected by its name, the imperfectio Sofa is the expression of imperfect aesthetic, the appeal of that which is authentic art that is truer to life.Imperfectio Sofa praises artisanal work as the ultimate form of art that is quite intentionally imperfect.

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