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Fashionable Lebanon: How Lebanon Became one of the Middle East’s Fashion Hubs

How Lebanon became one of middle east’s strongest fashion hubs?

Lebanon has established itself as one of the biggest players in the Middle East fashion scene. Surprised? Take a look at the reasons that turn this country into a strong fashion hub.


Beirute, capital of Lebanon, was once called “the Paris of the Middle East’s”, the country’s natural and cultural riches have made it one of the top regional tourist hubs. Lebanon seem to flawlessly blend east and west.After World War Two, the country became a French Colony, with all the cultural clash that come with such an occupation. Quickly, it became a hub for business, culture and business.

A few years later, Berut established itself as the center of culture, with the presence of the American University of Beirut. Lebanon was then the center of tourism for rich magnates and businessmen from the region. With this came a need for the small pleasures of life and the Lebanese mentality swiftly came through.


ESMOD was the first school to be established that specialized in fashion. Opened its doors in 1841 in France, the school is part of a global network of institutions and is recognized as one of the leading exporters of talent. The school’s presence in Beirut proves the country’s place as a fashion in the region and makes the city a source of endless talent.

Design Thinkers 

When you think of glamorous, luminous gowns, the name Elie Saab should come to mind. This designer traveled from the streets of Lebanon right to the boulevards of Paris.Lebanese style is all about romanticism.

The Capital, Beirut

.A truly cosmopolitan place, it is only natural that it produces a certain level of fashion singularity, and an environment in which fashion and design can flourish. The relative freedom experienced in the Lebanese capital has made it a center for creative types and innovators.


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