The Most The Most Fascinating Wall Mirrors

The Most Fascinating Wall Mirrors

Discovery a fascinating Wall Mirrors for a room decor is an enormous task. Everyone knows that mirrors are fundamental pieces for any interior, disregarding the division, room purpose, or decor style. Such delicate pieces play a massive role in defining a room’s overall feel, as they affect the following three crucial factors: Lighting, depth and style. Despite an apparent simple appearance, luxury mirrors are rather complex pieces which are defined by a good few characteristics, or styles. Today, Design Home decide to help you and present some fascinating Wall Mirrors.


Throughout this eBook pages you will find 100 Must-See Wall Mirrors Ideas that certainly will helpful from Venetian to Sunburst. The same for materials, from the finest gold to wood, from lacquer to metal. Not to mention sizes and shapes: small, oversize, round, square, rectangular.
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Mirrors are widely believed to have enchanting powers thanks to their ability to reflect light and show appearance so precisely and incredibly. robin-01

From the legend born in the depths of Sherwood Forest, ROBIN Mirrorembodies the strength and character of noble ages, giving them a modern approach. By honoring the history of one of the best archers in English literature, this exquisite piece was given a strong visual texture through the use of handmade nails, each one unique in their finishing, size and character. The fish-eye mirror is supported by a brass structure that turns ROBIN into one of the most emblematic pieces of the entire collection.  kk

Communicating in it’s own visual language within a unique aesthetic identity characterised by the special materials of which it is composed by, the Neapoli symbolises the passage of precious time structured by moment, work and thought. 4

From design studio Middle of Nowhere, the Mira Duo Mirror in Ocean and Storm.tinted decorative wall mirrors that definitely are a must-have.

The Most The Most Fascinating Wall Mirrors

Sculptured gold tones of hammered and textured brass with a hint of hard edge surround a perfectly cut convex mirror

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