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Design Stories Bahrain, by Design Days Dubai

Design Stories, the regional road show kicks off its tour at Bahrain, supported by Dubai Design District.

For third season of the road show, Design Stories travels to key cities and cultural institutions to share the knowledge and expertise with designers in regards to the field of product design.

This year’s edition of Design Stories, supported by Dubai Design District (d3),  will speak to visitors in regards to collecting limited edition design, what is collectible design.

Design Days Dubai presents itself as a roof presenting diverse and unique quality limited edition creations. With varying tastes, visitors are able to find pieces that speak to them. One should not be intimidated by the display, but should be encouraged to inquire, question and understand the process of creating such unique objects. Design Stories will answer the questions that remain before buying a rare piece.

First stop of the tour will be at Al Riwaq Art Space during Market 338. Market’s theme this year evolves around “Nest”. It is a concept that raises awareness to the community and emphasizes the importance sustainability. This years Market will be brightened up with natural installations creating a creative and inspirational experience to visitors. Design Days Dubai is pleased to be participating in Al Riwaq’s programme of talks, discussions and workshops.

Design Story will be held at Al Riwaq Art Space Thursday December 11, 2014 at 7pm.

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