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Design Days Dubai with the largest number of galleries ever

Design Days Dubai will return for its fourth edition, from March 16-20, 2015 with a number of firsts overtaking past records.

Design Days Dubai, the first and only limited edition and collectible design fair in the Middle East, returns to its tent at the base of the Burj Khalifa for its fourth – and largest – installment on March 16. The fair, which runs through March 20, will welcome a total of 44 renowned exhibitors from 20 countries all around the world this year – the largest number of galleries to show at Design Days Dubai since its inception in 2012, a number of firsts overtaking past records!

design days dubai-design home-shows uae

Tent exterior of Design Days Dubai 2014.

Building on its strengths from previous editions, this year’s fair will feature a slew of leading and emerging design dealers from the West, the Middle East, and from further afield – Southern Guild from Capetown, South Africa, Broached Communications from Melbourne, Australia, and Gallery ALL with an outpost in Beijing, China are all set to be represented at Design Days Dubai in 2015. Design Days Dubai provides a global platform for new and often underrepresented designers and dealers from a vast sampling of countries, but also welcomes established returning exhibitors, like Carpenters Workshop Gallery with outposts in Paris and London.

Nakkash Gallery

Art Factum Gallery_David And Nicolas_Bree' (Glass Carafe)_2014

Sixteen exhibitors from the Middle East alone will show at this year’s fair, with emerging galleries like 1971 from Sharjah, United Arab Emirates showing for the first time. If one sign of a fair’s success is the satisfaction of exhibitors with the experience, then Design Days Dubai appears to be doing quite well: 24 of this year’s participants are return exhibitors. Last year’s fair featured 33 galleries, and with the expanded number of participants and even wider geographical scope of the 2015 lineup, Design Days Dubai is poised to show more varied talent than ever before.

Design Days exhibition

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Design Days Dubai will include the Carpenters Workshop Gallery (Paris/London), Southern Guild (Cape Town), Artfactum (Beirut), and Broached Commissions (Melbourne), as well as 11 first-time participants including the regional premiere for David Gill Galleries (London) and Gallery FUMI (London). Gallery ALL (Beijing/Los Angeles), Chamber NYC (New York), Galerie Silbereis (Paris), and the designer debut of Fiona Barratt-Campbell’s Privé Collection (London).


Design Days Dubai announces record number of galleries for 2015 edition

Light is still being a key theme in design, demonstrated by a large number of 2015’s Special Projects. The world premiere of Lumière, by Dutch design house Commonplace Studio and showcased by Brussels-based Victor Hunt Designart Dealer promises to thrill and delight visitors.

The stunning installation conveys the form and feel of a cloud through its twenty-eight suspended pendant lamps, which have moving images projected on to their inner surfaces.

Design Days Dubai 2015 – exclusive pieces

Amongst its international showcases, the unique fair will also include the participation of many UAE-based design professionals, galleries and studios, new jewellery collection and 19th Century Antiques (Dubai), as well as the launch of Aljoud Lootah Design Studio (Dubai).

Design Days Dubai announces record number of galleries for 2015 edition

Tripode_Ingrid_Michel_and_Frederic_Pain_shelf_Resin_and_oak_design days dubai

Ingrid Michel and Frédéric Pain


You can check here the complete list of exhibitors!


1971 (Sharjah)

19th Century Antiques (Dubai)

Aljoud Lootah (Dubai)

Ardeco (Beirut)

ArtFactum Gallery (Beirut)

Arty by AMN (Ajman)

Authentique Art Gallery (Dubai)

Binome (France)

Broached Commissions (Melbourne)

Carpenters Workshop Gallery (Paris/London)

Carwan (Beirut/Dubai)

Chamber (New York)

Cities (Riyadh/Dubai)

Coletivo Amor de Madre (Sao Paulo)

Crafts Council (London)

David Gill Galleries (London)

Fadi Sarieddine (Dubai)

Fatima Bint Mohammed Initiative (Abu Dhabi/Afghanistan)

Fiona Barratt-Campbell (London)

Galerie Judy Straten (Horst, NL)

Galerie Silbereis (Paris)

Galerie Sophie Lachaert (Teilrode, Bel.)

Gallery ALL (Beijing/Los Angeles)

Gallery FUMI (London)

Gallery S. Bensimon (Paris)

House of Today (Beirut)

Hybrid Art (Budapest)

Iwan Maktabi (Beirut)

Nada Debs — 10 Years (Beirut)

Nakkash Gallery (Dubai)

Naqsh Design House (Amman)

Sabrina Landini (Pietrasanta, Italy)

Shamsa Alabbar (Dubai)

Southern Guild (Cape Town)

Tashkeel (Dubai)

VCUQatar (Doha)

Victor Hunt Designart Gallery (Brussels)

Wiener Silber Manufactur (Vienna)

Special Projects

Adreas von Zadora-Gerlof (Queen Charlotte Islands, Canada)

Baraboux (Riyadh/Dubai)

Beijing Design Week (Beijing)

Preciosa (Prague)

World Design Capital Taipei (2016)

Zumtobel (Austria) in cooperation with Sawaya & Moroni (Milan)

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