Design Days Dubai 2016 – Best Design Brands

Design Days Dubai 2016 – Best Design Brands

From 14 to 18 of March, the annual trade show present the latest trends in the world of décor and interior design – Design Days Dubai – is taking place in Dubai. Design Days Dubai presents highly collectable, modern and contemporary design pieces from the world’s established and emerging galleries and design talent. Also, the trade show continues to promote the Middle Eastern design industry through exhibiting a record number of design galleries and studios based in this region of the globe.

Nakkash Gallery (Dubai – UAE)

Design Days Dubai 2016 – Best Design Brands

Design Days Dubai 2016 – Best Design Brands

Known for providing effortless style and elegance Nakkash Gallery offers an array of collectible yet affordable limited edition art pieces, furniture and accessories suitable for all spaces.

The Barcelona Design Gallery (Barcelona -Spain)

BDG is a cosmopolitan gallery, where the art, the designer´s furniture and the most exclusive lighting pieces coexist. It boasts an exquisite collection of original décor pieces from the most distinguished firms in New York, Paris, Milan, Nigeria, London, Los Angeles and Tokyo.

Carpenters Workshop Gallery (London – UK)

Carpenters Workshop Gallery transcends classical borders in terms of art and design. Its proposal stands just at the intersection of these two universes: reaching precisely a symbiosis of art and design.


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