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D3, The Future Heaven For Interior Designers

Last weekend, finally, Dubai Design District, known as D3 was opened to the public. Where in view of many experts and interior designers will be the main Hub in Middle East and North Africa to establish the future of interior designing and architecture and also for Arabian style and Islamic Culture to represent a new face of themselves and get the chance to inspire the interior design world.

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This new luxury place will push up the Dubai’s luxury, design and fashion sectors, by the proposes that Dubai’s governor has proposed to the companies as the sake of their main goal, which is EXPO 2020 that will take place in Dubai.

D3, The Future Heaven For Interior Designers


And a Luxury opening celebration from 2 to 4 of April represented that Dubai want to take the place of the London in terms of interior design with the taste of the Luxury Arabian Trend. John Newman performance and also Dub FX and some other international artists clearly showed this.

D3, The Future Heaven For Interior Designers

Read more about the opening day at: D3 opens to public

D3 is considering to have influence on the Design, Luxury, Jewelry and Art of the region by proposing different sessions for each of them. Reviewing the advantages that this place provide for the foreign companies, does not leave any doubt about establishing the office there; like: 100% foreign ownership, A legal framework that encourages startups and having access to good facilities of Dubai.

D3, The Future Heaven For Interior Designers

Dubai, for its part, is working hard to attract global design talent to the region with initiatives such as Dubai Design District (d3), a sprawling precinct, currently taking shape, which will house major design names. New retail projects such as Meraas’ BoxPark, which incorporates various design concepts, have also led creative professionals to look at the region differently.

Read more about D3 Here

D3, The Future Heaven For Interior Designers

Box Park is where as their founders are mentioning will be a revolutionary lifestyle destination where urban chic meets contemporary sophistication. The place that will have be a mix of insular malls, restaurants, cafes and high-end fashion outlets, intermingled with open spaces and amenities.

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D3, The Future Heaven For Interior Designers

Following the example set in other cities such as New York, London, Paris, Box Park wants to be a relaxing place not only for tourists or only for residents, for all people who are in sake of a place where they enjoy and remember it as a lifelong memory with Arabian Luxury Idea.

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