Classical Palace Introduces Zubarah Hotels and Resorts

Classical Palace Introduces Zubarah Hotels and Resorts

Zubarah Hotels and Resorts is the vision of Abdullah Al Hamad, CEO and Founder of The Classical Palace Group who have been designing inspiring and uniquely tailored contemporary buildings around the Gulf region for both boutique hotels and individual residences since 1995. Zubarah Hotels is apparent of Abdulla’s great commitment to the celebration of the cultural and historical values of the State of Qatar. feature

The hotel is named after Al Zubarah city, an historic site which was once the gateway for Qatari international trade and cultural exchange. The restored Zubarah Fort and its unique detail in the tower battlements has inspired the arch symbol for the Zubarah Hotel and the use of Arabic calligraphy, textures and colors that express Zubarah’s heritage and authenticity.

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Classical Palace Introduces Zubarah Hotels and Resorts2

“This is an exciting time for Zubarah Hotels and Resorts; we are very proud to launch Qatar’s first luxury hotel brand, a concept to captivate leisure and business travelers alike to experience the warmth of Qatari hospitality. We are keen to provide personalized experiences through cultural exchange, exceptional “sense of place” and historic accents. Our hotels will definitely serve as a platform for Qatari culture to shine in music, education, arts and charity initiatives.” commented Abdullah Al Hamad.


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The art collection of the Zubarah Hotel includes works by two great artists; Dr. Wafaa Al Hamad, Abdullah’s late sister, her painting representing Arabic calligraphy and Qatar traditional buildings and well known Bahraini artist Abbas Al Mosawi which his paintings provide the viewer with the necessary imaginative and aesthetic bridge to the past.

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