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Celebrate Valentine`s Day with LOVE, PASSION and COLOR

Its Valentine’s Day, and Design Home has a special post for you. Set up the perfect mood for you and your valentine with these amazing pieces that will transform your celebration. Don`t let anything behind and prepare every moment of your special night.


Delightfull is the brand of colors and the best way to add red to your celebration. Lighting is a really important aspect of your date and the right light gives the final touch. The Diana lamp will give the perfect light to your dinner.


Koket, the brand specializes in seduction, love and passion and all the pieces can be customized. Your dinner will be even more special if it’s in the Allure dining table, perfect for every occasion, this piece will add something else to the moment.


Last but not listBrabbu will give you the perfect rug for a final toast. Comfortable and beautiful, the Himba rug will make the end of your night more comfortable and special.


Hope you like our suggestions and that you have the most amazing day. Happy Valentine’s Day from Design Home team.

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Pilar Moreno
11 years ago

I loved spending a romantic night in this elegant, romantic and supreme room! I love your lovely ideias for decorating a home on this day. Happy Valentine's Day 🙂

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