“If you want a statement piece, it should be an expensive one, otherwise the statement you are making is “I can’t afford anything better”. Tom Delavan, Designer.

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The aim of the Modern Glamour Style in interior design is to draw out an elegant and eloquent statement in a big way. Mix dramatic furniture with pale neutral colors, using glamorous materials such as velvet or marble in rooms with simple furniture layouts, or place unexpected pieces of furniture alongside one another to create an interesting rhythm.

Some easy tips on how to achieve this style:


Modern Mix

Work some glamour magic by mixing and matching different types of furniture. Try a Pre-war architectural moldings reminiscent of Versailles but upstyled to reflect a super contemporary aesthetic.

Paris-home-design-modern-mix  BEST MODERN THEMES TO DECORATE YOUR HOME Paris home design EDC 01 13 04 xln




These can make or break an interior, these tall and wide décor accessories can create instant drama and an element of surprise by using glamorous and delicate white curtains, or compliment and add depth with colorful curtains. You can also use them to conceal everyday clutter like wardrobes or office papers.

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Create Contrast

Contrast rough with smooth, black with white, bold patterns with minimal floors and walls, colorful glass with neutral surfaces and the old with the new to create an interesting and impulsive visual tension.

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Mixing materials

For a modern glamour masterclass join together furniture that is a mix of glossy white, metals, hard-edged but luxurious marble and in a range of decorative styles.

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Accessorize with Class

Tall vases and bottles in variety of shapes and tones double-up as colorful providers and smart display pieces. Place them on mantels, dining tables or consoles so their color becomes an accent in a room.

Gold Vases Yellow Wall Flowers Glamour  BEST MODERN THEMES TO DECORATE YOUR HOME a805ee830c2175dfa085903f686cc2cc



Picture Perfect

Use vintage drawings and colorful art to make a statement. Collect types of art that are personal to you, such as animal images, favorite landscapes, abstract art, women…

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Smart Textiles

Luxury means deliciously tactile textiles. Think of rich velvet or chenille used in combination with damask or textures linens in bold colors graphic patterns or stylized floral designs.

Glamour Interior Style Koket Textiles  BEST MODERN THEMES TO DECORATE YOUR HOME ambiente prive



Chic Walls

Wallpaper always adds glamour and visual interest to a space. Tiles are also an excellent way of adding color and texture to the interior. Keep it confined to the wall that creates the most impact. Bold patterns or motifs in muted color provides a smart backdrop.

Chic Wall Glamour Interior Design  BEST MODERN THEMES TO DECORATE YOUR HOME b3



Lighting Tricks

Mid-century modern floor and wall lamps, 19th century chandeliers and cool contemporary Italian globe lights all add to the glamour story. Don’t be shy about including a big light in every room for instant impact.

Mid century lamps in Glamorous Interior design   BEST MODERN THEMES TO DECORATE YOUR HOME Roman DURISCH GmbH objects1




From suspended cocoon bamboo chairs to oversized sofas and upholstered in bold and glamorous patterns, modern glamour is about creating smart effortless comfort.

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