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Best Interior Designers in UAE – 4 Space Interior Design

Best Interior Designers in UAE – 4 Space Interior Design ⇒ 4Space is different from other luxury design companies. Armed with a profound understanding of the unique challenges of luxury design within Dubai, they strive to meet them with the unparalleled knowledge and skills of a multi-talented team of professionals.


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Their F&B and restaurant design consultants are always keen on bringing client satisfaction through consistently delivering quality and innovative interior and space designs for virtually every application, be it for a restaurant.


Credits: 4 Space Interior Design


Led by major partners Amjad Hourieh and Firas Alsahin, our company has become one of the region’s most respected firms, with more than 15 years of industry experience. We have helped create environments that inspire and impact users by providing the local industry with our extensive practical knowledge, be it for retail, hospitality and commercial spaces, or residential and living spaces.


Credits: 4 Space Interior Design


Their interior designers in Dubai collaborate with you to get a clear understanding of your needs and requirements for the space, allowing them to produce a comprehensive & detailed plan that gives you an overview of the costs and time frame for sound decision-making.


Credits: 4 Space Interior Design


The best decisions are a result of the most thorough and meticulous planning. As such, its luxury interior design company in Dubai uses physical models and mock-ups to examine the context of space and deliver innovative solutions to better serve your company.


Credits: 4 Space Interior Design


As one of the best interior design companies in Dubai, they have mastered the perfect combination of light, space and all the fine details necessary to create an unforgettably luxurious experience for everyone utilising the space.


Credits: 4 Space Interior Design


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