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An Incredibly Luxurious Penthouse by Ksenia Schwarzmann

For this outstanding interior design project, Schwarzmann opted to use diverging color schemes, high-end furnishings from luxury brands such as Luxxu and Brabbu, dramatic chandeliers and decorative brass hardware by PullCast, all of which combined, resulted in outstandingly designed spaces.

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The dining room is well-appointed with deluxe furnishings from LUXXU, including the Darian dining table and the Charla dining chairs. Furthermore, the original chandelier suspended overhead is embellished with fruit designs, which in turn, offer a more playful touch to this utterly luxurious setting.

Concerning the bathroom decor, a clash of colors and textures becomes rather evident and results in a highly sophisticated ambiance. In this part of the bathroom decor, walls in a lustrous red hue, a black-framed mirror as well as gold and crystal wall lamps grant the space character and elegance. Moving on to the other side, an exuberant mirror panel, an all-white deep soaking tub and the massive Empire chandelier by LUXXU vigorously transform this bathroom into a palace-like interior.

This master bedroom benefits from a more neutral palette where grey, brown and white prevail. In the cabinet design, you can find PullCast’s Kesya handle, which provides a sculptural touch to this division. For this room, the designer decided to use light shades of pink in the walls while the furnishings, lighting and decorative hardware benefit from stronger pops of color such as blue, brown and gold.

The Kesya decorative handle also adorns the beautiful Huang nightstand. This exclusive hardware piece was actually inspired by the uneven texture of the bark pine tree. Lastly, the McQueen chandelier with Swarovski crystals makes quite a bold statement. Its handmade butterflies and majestic flowers bathed in brass contrast perfectly with the bright pink walls.

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