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An Amazing Mid-Century Modern Home Open for Virtual Tours

Article originally published on 2020/05/13

If you’re looking for some incredible mid-century design ideas to redo yourhome decor this summer, then you don’t want to miss the chance to step inside one of the trendiest summer houses in the world. Featuring the best lighting designs and furniture combinations, the virtual residential design is prepared to offer you the ultimate virtual experience with their new products, handcrafted in a range of new versatile collections of textiles and finishes.


Still not convinced that this incredible summer house project will have all the inspiration that you need for the new look of your mid-century home? Well, don’t worry because we are going to tell you 3 reasons why you should BOOK NOW your spot on the calendar.

The first reason might get you convinced to book your summer house tour before anyone else! You can be the first to one to have access to the ultimate customized summer house and get the first offers and better opportunities that their sales team is ready to offer. Can you imagine a special discount for a set of pieces for your living room? It sounds too good to be true right? But it is true! Don’t miss the opportunity to have great products with a special offer!

How would you like to have a personalized mid-century design experience? That’s right since the two brands are dedicated to offering the best experience possible to anyone that is passionate about mid-century design, they developed an incredible solution if English isn’t your prime language. That’s right you can get yourself emerged in this unique virtual tour with specific sales selected by you and in your language! This way, our team can enlighten you about the best finishes, fabrics, and customized solutions that can be adapted to your designs.

Third and most important, DelightFULL and Essential Home is updating the virtual tour weekly to give new ideas and to share more opportunities and inspirations. You were thinking that this summer house virtual tour was a one time experience? Well, that is just not true. Can you imagine being always the first to get the news? That sounds amazing don’t you think?


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