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Amalie Beljafla – Trésors Sauvages’s

Founded in 2012 by Creative Director Soraya Alali and artist Amalie Beljafla, London-based womenswear Trésors Sauvages’s promising debut collection impressed crowds at Fashion Forward.

Tresor Sauvages

The Autumn/Winter 13 Flaming Collection takes its inspiration from endangered species in the UAE. Gracing the runway was a unique showcase of layered ensembles made using a special embroidery technique, hand-colored and tailored in-house.

Amalie Beljafla -  Trésors Sauvages’s

They incorporate whimsical abstract representations, architectural arabesque lines and a fascinating display of exotic and natural references.

Amalie Beljafla -  Trésors Sauvages’s

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