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5 Top Christmas Decorationg Ideas for your Home

Set a festive holiday mood throughout your house with our simple Christmas decorating ideas.

Whether you have a traditional home or prefer a more contemporary Christmas look in your kitchen, living room and entry, our holiday ideas will inspire you.


1. Breakfront Beauty

Let your furniture play a supporting role in your Christmas decor. Adding small wreaths (these are made from princess-pine greenery) to a cabinet with breakfront doors makes the whole piece – and all of its contents – shine during the holidays.

christmas home decorating ideas

chrsitmas design interior ideas

2. Cranberry Luminaries

This outdoor Christmas idea is very simple to make! Just layer a stocky glass vase with faux-snow and real cranberries (or fake, if you’re worried about animals). Tuck in a pillar candle. Align on your walkway with fir bundles topped with your pretty luminaries.

chrsitmas design interior ideas-cranberry luminaire-png

chrsitmas design interior ideas-cranberry luminaire-png.png2

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3. Tiny Frosted Trees

Bottlebrush look like miniature frosted evergreens when arranged in a wintry bucket or planter. Votive candles add a calming, flickering glow to this outdoor Christmas decoration.

christmas tree decoration

tiny spruce tops in small pots in brown bags - - cluster five on a side table or dinner table or kitchen island

4. Ribbon Garland

Instead of greenery, embellish your stair rail with ribbons and wreaths this year. Attach small winterberry wreaths to the railing with wire. Then drape the railing with lengths of ribbon, threading them through the wreath wires to create a swag.

christmas decor stairs

5. Candy Cane Holder

Take inspiration from classic Christmas candy and fill a white planter with decorative candy canes for a unique outdoor holiday decorating idea. Store-bought plastic canes and weather-treated ribbon mean this front door decor can last throughout the season.

christmas decorations-candy cane

Hoping you have enjoyed our Christmas decorating ideas, Design Home wish you a Merry and Happy Christmas Time!

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