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5 Modern and Trendy Rugs To Update Your Living Room Decor

Big things are accomplished only through the perfection of minor details. If you’re looking for rugs that yield kaleidoscopic color schemesunexpected textural patterns and an overall feeling of avant-garde design, then this article is for you. Interior design is the art of shaping personal nuances at home and an ultra-aesthetic overtone is what we are going for here. Hope you enjoy it!

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Sometimes all we need is a little splash of color in an otherwise straightforward rug. It’s about breaking conventions and shaping new languages – just like the Valencia rugLuxury also means not being vulgar and if you’re looking for out of the box designs, look no further.

Here’s a rug that follows an unquestionable abstract aesthetic while maintaining some Art Deco character. The Mira rug is playful, dazzling and inspiring, just like contemporary design should be. The beauty of simple things is here, mixed up with creamy hues and an illusional approach.

Interior design always wears the colors of the soul and, in this case, our souls are painted in red, yellow and blue. The Bauhau rug is as abstract as it is magical – it produces a dreamy yet realistic atmosphere that absorbs you without even asking for it. Nothing beats simplicity!

An image conceived through the combination of several graphic elements, the mixture of patterns makes the Simba rug an exclusive, different and irreverent piece. With a very uniform palette of colors, Simba stands out for the harmony between different elements, a perfect match between the rigid shapes and the curves.

The Joh rug, being so insightfully layered, adds an almost metaphysical vibe to any home decor. Geometrical figures and a bittersweet combination of colors constitute a rug that is more implicit than explicit in its personality. Brought to you by the finest craftsmanship.

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