In the furnishing of an intimate space a bedroom, every details count. The room is the house’s division that can be what you want: romantic, relaxing, modern or, why not, a little bit crazy. That’s the space for the inhabitants.

Today we’re talking about a very important piece in a room: a bedside table. Design Home will present you 5 of the most luxurious side table to decorate a beautiful room.

Fendi Home presents a unique white bedside table, perfect for a luxury room. This bedside table is perfect for luxury decor or for a contemporary decor.

Booca do Lobo has recently launched several luxurious bedside tables. All the bedsides are creative, luxurious and uniques. As you can see in the previous images you can find a eccentric bedside for a contemporary room or a most classic and luxurious bedside.

Antonio Citterio creates for Max Alto a contemporary bedside table made of wood. This is a bedside with simple lines perfect for a mix between contemporary and classic.

your bedroom

Versace is a super luxurious brand and this eccentric bedside table can not miss in our list. It is a perfect piece for a luxurious room

The bedside table all too often gets buried under books you’ve been meaning to read, remnants of midnight snacks and boring alarm clocks. Designs featured in this list include the work of some of the best minds in the industry and not surprisingly they sport a beautiful balance of form and function. Don’t expect to see some of these side tables when you walk into your local store! What about a minimalist side table design?

DESIGN HOME will continue to give you fantastic news on the Luxurious design world. We like, as much as you, to read all about the next design event, the the latest trends of fashion, travel, exquisite home design, the latest trends, the best designers and so on.

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Lyla Farrow
9 years ago

Great Ideas and beautiful pictures! SHARED

Scarlet Johnson
9 years ago

Love the article, great decorating tips!

Eliani Kome
9 years ago

OMG i'm in love with the one in the 3rd picture :O

Covet Lounge
9 years ago

Great choices 🙂 thank you for selecting some of our pieces too!

Alonso Leon
9 years ago

What a beautiful pieces and magnificent decoration! Congrats on this article! It really inspires me!

Anna Fitzgerald
9 years ago

I loved all side tables, Boca do lobo is always surprise me!

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