10 Most Incredible Bathrooms with Breathtaking Views

10 Most Incredible Bathrooms with Breathtaking Views

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Designing your most incredible bathrooms with a view is all about the location, whether perched on the ocean, surrounded by mountains or in a dense forested landscape. With large expanses of windows in your bathroom, you can feel like you are taking a heavenly bubble bath immersed in nature. The bathroom is one of the most necessary spaces in the home, it is a great place to relax and release the pressure of a working day. The main object in any wonderful bathroom is a bathtub.

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Imagine yourself in the middle of the mountains, where the air is the purest that you ever felt…

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There are plenty of unique designs to select from, so finding one that will fit your bathroom well should not be a problem. Besides the bathtub, any great bathroom is filled with light, whether it be natural or artificial. The incredible bathrooms that we are bringing to you today all are filled with plenty of windows and overflowing with natural light. Some of these bathrooms are world class resorts, other look out over woods, oceans, mountains, fields and city skylines. Be prepared to be inspired by these dream bathrooms with ideas to design your own sanctuary of relaxation!

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10 Most Incredible Bathrooms with Breathtaking Views

10 Most Incredible Bathrooms with Breathtaking Views

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Espen Johansen
Espen Johansen
10 years ago

there's nothing more relaxing than beeing fully exposed to anyone with a zoom camera while having a shit!

Rattanart Europe
10 years ago

That is awesome job. Maybe you will be interested in this http://designsondemand.co.uk/index.php/en/

Cammie Baltz
10 years ago

Very calming elegant places. How relaxing. Here is some product that would be perfect for such places. http://www.livingroc.net/

POKT Design + Arquitetura


Maha Noor
10 years ago

Wow really nice

9 years ago

Çok Güzel bir paylaşım olmuş..

Krishna Ahire
9 years ago

Really Amazing. Get bath here would be a great relaxing experience.
How much for a one time bath ??


Bakeca Roma
9 years ago

I guess you are very cheap…

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