Design console tables are ultimate user-friendly furnishings. You can press them into service as sideboards in the dining room, deploy one to break up a barren stretch of corridor, or use them to stow accessories and, of course, design console tables are ideal for entrance halls.

Here are the top 10 luxury sideboards for your home.

Sagres sideboard by Malabar

decor and style - sideboard furniture

Sagres sideboard piese is designed for dining rooms and meeting places where important decisions are made. The design is inspired by the Age of Discoveries, the compass rose and latitude lines of nautical charts symbolise years of trial and error of intrepid nautical explorers. The Sagres sideboard seeks to honour the ingenuity and achievements of these explorers. Impressive in structure – built with solid poplar wood and supported by gold and bronze plated steel – Sagres is perfect for dining rooms and meeting places where important decisions are made.

Edge Madagaskar sideboard by Nella Vetrina

decor and style - sideboard furniture nella vetrina

Edge Italian designer credenza handmade and shown in Eucalyptus Madagascar wood.This luxury Italian furniture collection features a wide selection of finishes including Eucalyptus, Madagaskar, Walnut and various lacquered colors. Samples available upon request. Made in Italy.

Majestic Sideboard by Boca do Lobo

decor and style - sideboard furniture boca do lobo

More than just a Café, the Majestic tells the history of Oporto. The Oporto of the twenties, of political gatherings and discuss of new ideas. It was also the Belle Epoch period, a time of writers and artists. To honor this period and this emblematic Café, Boca do Lobo designed Majestic, a modern black sideboard, highly stylish, that provides a generous amount of storage space without being too imposing. It is a unique piece of furniture that lends an attractive presence to any room. Four flush doors open discreetly to the interior of the piece where you will find elegant drawers and functional shelving. Hand carved wood garland drapes the sideboard and functions as the doors pulls. The piece is framed in particleboard, which gives the black high gloss lacquer finish its textured appearance.

Buffet Kapla par Cédric Ragot by Roche Bobois

decor and style - sideboard furniture roche bobois

Combination of 4 storage units of different sizes with folding doors or drawers. The piece rests on a triangular chrome-plated steel leg. Wood finish, available 30 different matte lacquering colours.

Nazca Sideboard by Brabbu 

decor and style - sideboard furniture brabbu

A timeless classic, this highly sculptural piece features a glossy walnut root veneer and ash interior. Named after the Nazca tectonic plate on the west coast of South America, this extraordinary sideboard has been crafted from wood and brass.Nazca sideboard reminds the movement triggered by tectonic plates that involve us in an exquisite rhythm.

Cannes sideboard by Epoca

decor and style - sideboard furniture cannes

Offering a choice of large and small drawers, this piece is wonderfully versatile and can be as useful in a bedroom as a living room.

Ottavio Sideboard by Veranda Interiors

decor and style - sideboard furniture otavio

Adding a touch of interest to the design and enhancing the light in your room, the sideboard’s four mirrored doors – operated with a push-pull mechanism – are overlaid with an interesting lattice design.

Monocles Sideboard by Delightfull


If you are a fan from James Bond world, you will certainly be dazzled with this catch-of-an-eye piece. We named this sideboard “Monocles and it’s 100% prepared for Martini and Gin bottles. Made in solid walnut wood and brass with knurled details – heavily inspired in our fixtures. Circles are engraved on the sides and back in the walnut wood, while the three golden doors fulfill the setting with a kind of ‘kiss kiss bang bang’ spirit.

New York High Gloss Sideboard by Jetclass

decor and style - sideboard furniture ny

A wonderful statement sideboard. Pure luxury handmade in Portugal. The high gloss patina really is fabulous. The colour is lead with high glass black doors, but can be made in block colour if preferred.

Monochrome Sideboard by boca do Lobo

decor and style - sideboard furniture monochrome

An example of utmost level of both skill and imagination combined to create an exceptionally unique object that will stand out in any room. Monochrome expresses the vision of its time, but also WINS intemporality in each detail. This piece distinguishes itself through its good taste and a sophisticated touch, as well as by the urban and contemporary character of its use.

Which one would you want for your house?

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